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HISTORY OF DATABASE: The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) uses four databases to catalog our documentary materials and to facilitate our research. Much of the information in these databases comes from our archives, which contain hundreds of thousands of pages of documents related to the Khmer Rouge and the history of Democratic Kampuchea between April 1975 and January 1979. We have collected documents from Tuol Sleng museum, the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, the National Archives, and a number of other sources, and our staff has catalogued hundreds of thousands of pages. Our archives include many documents from the 1975-79 period, including official Khmer Rouge correspondence, biographies of Party members and arrested persons, prisoner confessions, notebooks of Khmer Rouge cadres, photos of Party cadres, films, tape recordings, Party magazines, other publications, and maps of Democratic Kampuchea. We also hold materials dating from the pre-1975 period, including documents from the Lon Nol regime, and from the post-1979 era, such as interview transcripts from survivors of the regime, victim petitions from the 1982-83 period, and many other written or recorded materials.

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